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Empower your people.

Empower your business. 

Give your employees the true benefit of virtual fitness, with the ultimate corporate wellness program. 

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The movement for a healthier workplace is spreading.
tay ahead of the curve.

D I D  Y O U  K N O W ?

Reducing an employee’s body-mass index by one point can lead to $1,500 in healthcare savings per employee each year!  

Savings per employee

All the benefits,
none of the judgment!

According to a recent study, many Americans feel threatened and intimidated by gyms, and as a result, avoid working out entirely. With Sweat Force, you can give your employees the flexibility to work out anywhere they feel comfortable, pushing them on to reach their fitness goals.


of Americans avoid gyms due to a fear of being judged


would prefer to work out in a secluded, judgement-free area of the gym


feel ashamed of their bodies while working out

10 million

report being pointed at, laughed at or insulted inside of a gym.

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Upgrade Your Employees’ Experience with
These Add-Ons!

Premium Membership

Give your team the tools they need to succeed — including early access to some of our hottest new releases, customized weekly workout plans, nutrition tips, merch discounts & more!

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Choice Partner Content

Our Choice Partner Content delivers a large library of bonus content including scenic runs & rides, cinematic-style workouts from our friends at Les Mills On Demand, and calming mindful meditations.

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The Sweat Force, by Studio SWEAT onDemand is your partner in workplace health and wellness. We work directly with your organization, customizing unique fitness programs that empower your employees to get active, reach their goals, and lead healthy lives.

What you’ll get:

  • Do Anywhere Virtual Fitness Classes available 24/7
  • Custom On-Boarding Solutions
  • Usage Reporting
  • Company Wide Health & Wellness Challenges
  • Wellness Workshops
  • & More!
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Combo Commercial & Corporate Program

Everything above, plus…

  • A license to stream SSoD virtual workouts on-site, on screens in your gym or facility
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26% ↓
in healthcare costs

28% ↓
in missed days due to illness

30% ↓
in worker’s compensation claims

A changing landscape

70% of U.S. employers are offering wellness programs

44% of workers say they’ve gained weight in their present job

59.4% of employees think employers should attempt to improve the health of their workers

85% of employers believed their successful wellness program had a positive influence on company culture.

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